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 A highly skilled and widely experienced  Engineer

who offers a diversified package of skills and expertise.

Specialising in Process Plant, Petrochemical, Natural Gas and Oil, Process plant, Refinery and Power Plant.  The services are covered in Engineering Design, Project Management Construction and refurbishment projects, Brings a 20 years history of practical and hands-on involvement with engineering and planning of major construction projects.  With a specific experience of high quality staff in management skill and engineering background, offers invaluable insight into the practical as well as the theoretical aspects of general engineering projects. Will apply strong leadership abilities, excellent communication and collaboration skills and substantial knowledge of international policies, practices and procedures to produce quality results and achieve exemplary outcomes in all of your engineering endeavours.


The CNG team is comprised of  several skill in  highly experience and knowledge. The staff graduated in engineering degree for design  engineering team and highly experienced of construction field in project control team.  CNG team is truly dedicated and committed to meet customer requirement and specific standard.